Akamai vs. CloudFront: A Financial Industry Perspective on CDN Choices

Imagine walking into a bank with a long queue of customers waiting to be served. To handle the influx of people, the bank opens multiple teller windows to speed up the process. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) work in a similar manner, distributing digital content across multiple servers worldwide to ensure rapid delivery. In the finance industry, where speed, reliability, and security are paramount, CDNs are essential.


Un-expected OVH gift

For me, new year started with one discovery.

As you know, holidays do traffic and server load peaks. So, my common job is to watch for problems. And be ready to solve them. (Yes, I do work at holidays.)

So, I noticed that "traffic" graph was disappear from my OVH dashboard. Hm, it was strange. So, I asked support "WTF?". My server monitoring tools show increased traffic and it was very nervous situation. I would expect OVH traffic counter to disable my server or limit channel capacity. And it is in best Rush Hour in the season!

But, in few hours I received answer from OVH.

My dedicated was upgraded with "UNLIMITED" amount of transferred data!!!

What a relive and surprise!!!

THANK YOU OVH!!!. Looking forward to work with you in new year.


Securty policy - blah (linode.com fall)

When you do security there are no such term as "low risk".

Example - Linode.com. Somebody install phpBB and Linode just got two step attack.

Get out everyone by falser report
Attack old forum - got it.

So, questions are:

  • Linode employes doesn't have notebooks?
  • remote administration in 2014 is something they don't know?
  • Linode don't have any remote administration?
  • Linode operate from ONE office?
  • how about different datacenters? are they affected?

So, again decentralization is good as never!


AWStats and MaxMind

Just be notice, before you un-comment line:

geoip GEOIP_STANDARD /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat

you should install Geo::IP perl module and for debian it is best to be done via package manager:

sudo aptitude install libgeo-ip-perl

Thanks for perl GeoIP library package interface Debian Perl Group.


Logrotate defaults

When inspecting why nginx logs wasn't rotated, I did little strange discover

# uncomment this if you want your log files compressed
# compress

so, by default rotated logs are not compressed. Perhaps there are admins which process rotated logs, but I am not one them. I use pre-rotate hook to process logs before rotate them. So, I really expected logrotate to compress by default. And yes, my bad - I didn't checked default configuration in /etc/logrotate.conf

Now I did change default to compress and wouldn't have to use in per service logrotate configuration.

PS: and don't forget

sudo /usr/sbin/logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf

after you apply changes to logrotate configurations


Drupal cacheroter and pear Cache_Lite conflict

Well, it is nice when your project to group and it mean not only more money, but more server resources. And if you didn't start to receive money it will be normal if you will start to search for options without increasing monthly payments.


Zeitgeist is just mainstream or trend.

How you detect trends? how you follow mainstream? and do we need Zeitgeist?

May be you see news? may be you read opinions and conclusion from analytics? Well, every one have goal, my own goal is to be clear how I can get what I want and mainstream can help me in my goal.


GPix advanced options

With version 1.4, GPix have "Advaced settings" which provide you control over advanced features. You can leave them as is and GPix will work, but you can research them and choose to change for your special case.


SimpleXML for PHP4

Do you like and use SimpleXML? it is nice library for development common tasks, but have one BIG limitation - SimpleXML extension requires PHP 5. And what you will do if client have PHP4? it will be big success if client can upgrade php to version 5, but if not? There are a lot php custom solution which require PHP4 and clients don't want to spent money for upgrades or just prefer to to leave it as it, because it work.


IAF decoder coder - an PHP class for Outlook!

Outlook is Microsoft mail agent program. And it is popular, because is part of several Microsoft software packages.

When peoples work with Outlook long years. And it is normal for peoples to use this data in another application. In many cases when peoples choose program they can not images which requirement they will have in the feature. As result it is possible to have data in "unique" format. And when you need to change mail server you need to configure. But why man need to open dialog boxes and make mistake when hosting company are able to provide ready to use configuration file? or take outlook configuration file to fetch data from another mail server?

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