GPix with free and paid pixels at one grid

You want to grant free small regions for your customers and get money for bigger? it is simple with GPix.

  • setup price for you regions
  • set yes for "Allow free and paid regions" option
  • define maxim free area"Maximum square for free region" - for example 300 (3 blocks with 10x10)
  • review your get pixels page

Here you can see how administration settings need to look:
Free Payed configuration

Here you can see what you can expect as visible result:
Free Payed pixels


GPix advanced options

With version 1.4, GPix have "Advaced settings" which provide you control over advanced features. You can leave them as is and GPix will work, but you can research them and choose to change for your special case.


GPix grids iframe integraions

GPix have not index_insert.php in distribution, to integrate grid via iframe you can use grid.php
grid code will look like this:

<iframe src ="DOMAIN/PATH_TO_GPIX/grid.php" width="100%" height="1050px" style="border:0; margin:0 auto;">
  <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


How to change tooltip background for GPix grid

is it possible to change the background color for tooltip? sure it is possible, more it is very easy.

you need to change color definition in file templates/ on line 4:

 ttBgColor = '#FFFFCC';  

as example you can make white background:

 ttBgColor = '#FFF';  


GPix 1.4.1

Main goal for GPix versions 1.4.x is integration with third party systems. GPix 1.4.0 was release with integration API. Now, this API is improved and new integration modules added.

So, if you use vBulletin, Drupal, Mambo or Joomla. GPix can handle user authentication for this systems. As result you existing user don't need separate registration for GPix. More all existing users will be handled automatically.


NULL problem in GPix admin panel

Latest weeks I got many bug reports about error like this:

Database Error: DB Error: constraint violation(update `mp_settings` set 
`admin_email`='',`html_email`='0',`use_fckeditor`='1', `secret`='jdb314tab518', 
`interlaced_images`='0',`palette_images`='0',`site_down`=NULL, `blog_comments`='0', 
`order_image_galleries`='ksort#SORT_REGULAR',`pixel_list_enable_images`='1' where `id`='1' 
[nativecode=1048 ** Column 'site_down' cannot be null])


GPix 1.4.0 released

Why I release 1.4.0 directly after 1.3.6?
answer is simple - new core functionality.

New integration design provide way integrated GPix with third party software. As example in 1.4.0 you can see Joomla integration.


paypal problem

Some users report problem with PayPal module. After step 6(process payment) GPix return them to step 1(get pixels), but payment page expected.

After multiple tests and user site verification I define settings combination which broke GPix payment process.
Before official GPix 1.3.6 release all users can download fix from official support forum


GPix 1.3.5 released

version 1.3.5 contain next updates:


GPix 1.3.4

Thanks for all how help for this release. I hope we remove most of bugs (software have bugs by definition, he-he).

This release contain next changes:

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