GPix advanced options

With version 1.4, GPix have "Advaced settings" which provide you control over advanced features. You can leave them as is and GPix will work, but you can research them and choose to change for your special case.

Since GPix 1.4.0 "Grids advanced settings" section via options "Allow region description?, Enable page per region?, Enable page per user?,
Disable region link on region page?" provide more control over links for regions:

Enable page per region? - will activate "page per region" and replace grid region links with links to region page.

Allow region description? - previous option allow you to enable region page, this setting activate extra field for content used in this page. As result users will be able to put more realable content over links and improve page rank.

Enable page per user? - well, you discover that region can have its own page, this option activate personal page for every user.

Disable region link on region page? - this options have sense when you have activated "page per region" and disable links on region page. Pay money for region and have not link? What is sense for this feature? - reasonable questions. But remember GPix is used by many peoples with many different goals. So, as example "Family walls", "Friend walls" or even "Gallery walls" don't need to have "back links". So, it is very specific, but still useful.

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