GPix 1.3.4

Thanks for all how help for this release. I hope we remove most of bugs (software have bugs by definition, he-he).

This release contain next changes:

  • german and french translation updated
  • multi get fixes
  • pixel list in admin area(such as in GLink)
  • "maintain settings" beatified
  • fix admin and user side update for original image
  • front-end link in admin toolbar
  • 'timezone set' functionality added. Affect web and mysql servers
  • original image functinality improved
  • original image from admin side
  • add 'settings' functionality, which use options table, with option per row functionality
  • add to Gpix an additional field in order to allow admin putting some additional meta tags (robots, keywords, description, author, copyright).
  • search for several words
  • improved "htmlyesno" smarty plugin functionality. Added new options "default" and "value". Labels used for radios, now you to select user can click to strings "yes" or "no".
  • pending status (waiting for an administration approval after user side update)

    if Admin enables "Yes". An approved User may change later (after approval it's content) the content of the linked site to show offensive/obscene/adult material and Admin may not dicovered it

As usually I help to update customized templates for free if you help for this release. Be free to request my help if you need it.

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