Zeitgeist is just mainstream or trend.

How you detect trends? how you follow mainstream? and do we need Zeitgeist?

May be you see news? may be you read opinions and conclusion from analytics? Well, every one have goal, my own goal is to be clear how I can get what I want and mainstream can help me in my goal.

So, as result I use many sources to monitor trends, but facts facts and my own analyzes is preferable. An nice post "http://www.phpclasses.org/blog/post/113-PHP-Zeitgeist-What-PHP-developers-have-been-looking-for-in-the-last-decade.html" by Manuel Lemos show as some PHP trends as well Manual refer to google "Year-End Zeitgeist"

Can rank, defined ranks and showed graphs be facts? Well, it is question about trust. I use many sources and when they confirm each other - I trust them, but I remember that there are possibility for errors and misses.

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