IAF decoder coder - an PHP class for Outlook!

Outlook is Microsoft mail agent program. And it is popular, because is part of several Microsoft software packages.

When peoples work with Outlook long years. And it is normal for peoples to use this data in another application. In many cases when peoples choose program they can not images which requirement they will have in the feature. As result it is possible to have data in "unique" format. And when you need to change mail server you need to configure. But why man need to open dialog boxes and make mistake when hosting company are able to provide ready to use configuration file? or take outlook configuration file to fetch data from another mail server?

Outlook use IAF files and PHP can handle it. PHP IAF decoder coder class for Outlook configuration files is adopted PERL CPAN package and it can import/export data from iaf files. As result we can handle export/import via web forms! amazing.

So, we need to download IAF class file and start to use it.

As usually, to be more specific how we can use it, I provide example:

require_once 'File_Format_Iaf.php';
$iaf = new File_Format_Iaf();
$iaf->AccountName = 'My Account big_user@example.com';
$iaf->MakeAvailableOffline = 1;
// fill pop3 configuration options
$iaf->POP3Server = 'pop3.example.com';
$iaf->POP3UserName = 'Big_User';
$iaf->POP3Password = '987321';
$iaf->POP3LeaveMailOnServer = 0;
$iaf->POP3PasswordPrompt = 0;
// and configure smtp 
$iaf->SMTPDisplayName = 'Big User';
$iaf->SMTPEmailAddress = 'big_user@example.com';
$iaf->SMTPServer = 'smtp.example.com';
$iaf->SMTPUserName = 'big_user';
// now we can generate file! and sure you can just put it for download

As result users will be happy! because they will not waste time with Outlook configuration procedure and just use iaf file with few clicks. And it will normal if every mail hosting company will care more about users and many options as possibility must be part of company politic.

PS: And don't forget to send thanks for Przemek Czerkas(PERL class) and Ruslan Kononov(PHP class) they did amazing work.

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