Drupal cacheroter and pear Cache_Lite conflict

Well, it is nice when your project to group and it mean not only more money, but more server resources. And if you didn't start to receive money it will be normal if you will start to search for options without increasing monthly payments.

In goal to lower server resource consummation, logic optimization and cache is primary goals.

Drupal offer file cache for anonymous and I already applied it, but to improve performance for registered users I use Cache_Lite in custom modules and theme. And now, this steps are not enough, client database go down every day and we agreed that best option is better server. One problem is that client need time to find better offer, because current hoster have not better offers.

Currently we have big troubles with MySQL - we already have "dedicated" container, and it isn't enough.

My goal was keep site running until client decide where to move it. And I start search in Drupal modules repository and forums. And found cacherouter - perfect solution for our case.

But, when I install it I get conflict with Cache_Lite - both have "Cache.php" and cacherouter include this one from PEAR directory, because of include_path setting. Change this setting isn't option - Cache_Lite will do errors. With little research I found next line:

require 'Cache.php';

Look like conflict can be easily changed
require drupal_get_path('module', 'cacherouter').'/Cache.php';

but because of cacherouter logic drupal_get_path isn't available
require getcwd().'/sites/all/modules/cacherouter/Cache.php';

solve problem and can not be submited as patch to cacherouter module. So, I have submit issue "Conflict with Cache_Lite" and if you know how it can be done in "Drupal way", please send me solution.

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