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I have received several mails from active GPix testers about 'back links' functionality.

It is common way to increase you site rank and don't spend direct money for this.
So, I see common problem 'curl' extension and cron setup.

As result I will try to implement this functionality without this requirements.

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this release contain fixes for 'create regions via admin' problems

it isn't backlinks related error. I made some optimizations in region.class.php, so thanks for testings.

file re-uploaded and verified

please notice me if you still have not rights

looks like permission problem

post updated

as result GPix will stay curl independent
and I don't implement crontab functionality(it will separated job)

This release is unofficial, this mean that official release will contain little more features and fixes.

I will be glad to see your opinions about 'backlinks' feature.

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this feature will per grid option and will allow another options
you will can to set price and keep backlinks require