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Where our time is going

I work with GPix every day and only now I understood how many time I spent to admin login page

I spent to GPix near 2 hours(average) every day and I login minimum 3(average) times per day. My browser remember login and pass, so I wait page and click login 5-8 secs

All this mean that I spent minimum 90 minutes for latest year to login!!! and all this time I use two computers only! amazing
So, I implement "Remember my computer" button I think that it will be useful for GPix administrators.


backlink checker

I have received several mails from active GPix testers about 'back links' functionality.

It is common way to increase you site rank and don't spend direct money for this.
So, I see common problem 'curl' extension and cron setup.

As result I will try to implement this functionality without this requirements.


netcat common usage

do you have several servers?
do you transfer data between them?

time to time I transfer data between servers and in most cases I use

scp local-file user@host:/path/remote-file

to send file or
scp user@host:/path/remove-file

to receive

for this task netcat is useful too, so it can be like this
server side

nc -l -p 12121 > local-file

and at client site I just need to
cat local-file | nc host 12121

of course 12121 need to be replaced with something random because "nc" don't provide authentication and encryption


ssh(putty) session particularity

Often I develop and control process using ssh(putty) session. Connection with server allow me monitor and do related sub-task like svn/cvs updates.

I don't like when my session give timeout message - server require activity. I use "top" on my local server, but some third party environment don't allow me this (have not access to top!), so I just thinking about this situation after couple minutes of googling discover 'watch' command.

It is so easy:

watch ls

and you session keep alive


GPix 1.3.2

New release included next:

Currently I wait test results, so it will take several days to see release at TUFaT


Grids as options

option list via direct lists for multiple grids (

To implement this feature in your skin, you need to apply next changes

{if $links}
    {foreach item=link from=$links}

replaced with:
{if !$app->setting->grids_as_options}
  {if $links}
    {foreach item=link from=$links}

after this line

      <td align="right">

insert next code:
        {if $app->setting->grids_as_options}


Original images development

I have many request for original images feature

so, now it is done

GPix users which will update its own templates need to merge index.tpl, show_pixels.tpl and style.css with original files from GPix package.


GPix translation example

translation update for request


  • upload attached file to temp directory, grant read permission
  • go to "Import Language Texts" in administration menu, choose "de (Deutsch)" and click import
  • use "Clear cache" administration menu to clear caches
  • go to "Get pixels" page and review

FreeBSD's sockstat Linux(debian)

Many years I used FreeBSD as my server invioroment, but before 6 months I migrate to Debian Linux, because I have no time to compile packages from sources.

So, now I work with Debian and I am newbie. Common action when some network application don't work is to review opened ports. FreeBSD have very good utility sockstat. I don't found something like this in Debian and I googled, as result I discover next alternatives for sockstat:

  • lsof -i
  • netstat -anpe

in this example netstat don't show fd+uid, but for this socklist can used


direct links option for GLink

It is requested

So, something like that was done for GPix and now will be merged with GLink source tree.

It is part of SEO practice, so like for GPix this feature will be configurable via admin.

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