netcat common usage

do you have several servers?
do you transfer data between them?

time to time I transfer data between servers and in most cases I use

scp local-file user@host:/path/remote-file

to send file or
scp user@host:/path/remove-file

to receive

for this task netcat is useful too, so it can be like this
server side

nc -l -p 12121 > local-file

and at client site I just need to
cat local-file | nc host 12121

of course 12121 need to be replaced with something random because "nc" don't provide authentication and encryption


ssh(putty) session particularity

Often I develop and control process using ssh(putty) session. Connection with server allow me monitor and do related sub-task like svn/cvs updates.

I don't like when my session give timeout message - server require activity. I use "top" on my local server, but some third party environment don't allow me this (have not access to top!), so I just thinking about this situation after couple minutes of googling discover 'watch' command.

It is so easy:

watch ls

and you session keep alive


FreeBSD's sockstat Linux(debian)

Many years I used FreeBSD as my server invioroment, but before 6 months I migrate to Debian Linux, because I have no time to compile packages from sources.

So, now I work with Debian and I am newbie. Common action when some network application don't work is to review opened ports. FreeBSD have very good utility sockstat. I don't found something like this in Debian and I googled, as result I discover next alternatives for sockstat:

  • lsof -i
  • netstat -anpe

in this example netstat don't show fd+uid, but for this socklist can used


Why Drupal.

Drupal( is CMS system with very long development history. I work with since 2003 and create many custom modules for my clients, I work with WordPress, osCommerce and ZendCart too, but Drupal is my choose, because it have all what I need and want.

Before to install Drupal for my site I tried to develop my own solutions for my site. But I have not time to support it and develop new functionality. So, thanks for Drupal developers.

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