cvs diff usage

Some Joomla and Mamaba solutions is so big. I have not problem with size - I just add new disks to my server.
I use control version software for all my projects (SVN or CVS) and it is very easy to share my work with another coders or track what I did here before year(yes, I provide support for all my projects).

So, common problem which I take latest weeks is that I have big applications and just export:

  cvs export -r release_X_Y project

Produce 30-50 megs, this take time to upload. So, I just put little optimization to my work and get only patches:
cvs diff -N -c -r release_X_Y -r release_X_Y > diffs

upload patch and apply it to existing project is good way to spare time


Advanced proxy usage

Sometime application don't support proxy.... and it is a big problem, because you can not access internet directly or really need to hide you ip.

In this case Linux(Debian) users can use dante-client

sudo apt-get install dante-client

append next lines

   route {
      from: to: via: port = 3128
      proxyprotocol: http_v1.0

to /etc/dante.conf
and simple run you program with socksify, for example

socksify kopete

what is PDO?

many clients ask me why I suggest to use PDO as part of optimization

it is very simple
PDO structures is native PHP drivers, which mean that was designed and optimized for PHP

Just image, libmysql use buffers and PHP interface use buffers. This mean that functionality is doubled! It is absolutely normal step to remove libmysql as layer. As part of server optimization this step require MySQL 4.1 as minimal version.

At the end, migration from libmysql usage to PDO save up to 40% server resources!


Favorit editor need to be default

A long time ago, when I start to use my first FreeBSD workstation I used ee as simple editor (it is simple and very useful), after ee I use vi it take a lot more time to understand "how" and "why" it works, but... I don't stop it use.

Only one thing stop me to use vi as default environment for PHP based projects - miss XDebug support.
So, at moment at all my servers I use vi as default editor, sometime I have not root privileges and use next lines in .bash_profile

export EDITOR
alias editor=$EDITOR


netcat common usage

do you have several servers?
do you transfer data between them?

time to time I transfer data between servers and in most cases I use

scp local-file user@host:/path/remote-file

to send file or
scp user@host:/path/remove-file

to receive

for this task netcat is useful too, so it can be like this
server side

nc -l -p 12121 > local-file

and at client site I just need to
cat local-file | nc host 12121

of course 12121 need to be replaced with something random because "nc" don't provide authentication and encryption


ssh(putty) session particularity

Often I develop and control process using ssh(putty) session. Connection with server allow me monitor and do related sub-task like svn/cvs updates.

I don't like when my session give timeout message - server require activity. I use "top" on my local server, but some third party environment don't allow me this (have not access to top!), so I just thinking about this situation after couple minutes of googling discover 'watch' command.

It is so easy:

watch ls

and you session keep alive


FreeBSD's sockstat Linux(debian)

Many years I used FreeBSD as my server invioroment, but before 6 months I migrate to Debian Linux, because I have no time to compile packages from sources.

So, now I work with Debian and I am newbie. Common action when some network application don't work is to review opened ports. FreeBSD have very good utility sockstat. I don't found something like this in Debian and I googled, as result I discover next alternatives for sockstat:

  • lsof -i
  • netstat -anpe

in this example netstat don't show fd+uid, but for this socklist can used


Why Drupal.

Drupal( is CMS system with very long development history. I work with since 2003 and create many custom modules for my clients, I work with WordPress, osCommerce and ZendCart too, but Drupal is my choose, because it have all what I need and want.

Before to install Drupal for my site I tried to develop my own solutions for my site. But I have not time to support it and develop new functionality. So, thanks for Drupal developers.

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